Frederick College
Portsmouth, Virginia

IMPS 4th Reunion

April 29, 2010 - May 2, 2010

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Reunion Story

Brothers IMPS ,
   What a time was had!!! New faces, many "four yearers", just plain ole fun.  It is always great to renew old acquaintances and be with those whom we share a common brotherhood.  Larry and Greta once again hosted us at Sandbridge and made life great.  For this... Thank you, Larry and Greta... again!!!!!!  Without you all, we could not do this, so while we can, let's keep it alive!!  The 5th Annual IMPS reunion is tentatively scheduled for the weekend before Mother's Day just as before, April 28, 29, 30 - May 1, 2011. Mark your calendars.  Give us feedback on dates, events, etc. Plan now and enjoy later.
   We opened for business Thursday afternoon with Butch Forehand and Donnie Griffin holding court for others as they arrived for "attitude adjustment".  Then with Dwight Maxey and Ed Holmes, things got more interesting in court.  The northern contingent of Fred Moscatiello, Pat and Dennis Toci, Chan Sanfilippo and Virg Palumbo arrived in three separate cars at about the same time!  I think there was the usual Chan and GPS issue, but who counts?  All in all, with those mentioned there was Bill Maddrey, Sid Tilling, Mickey and Dee LeGarde, Bob and Kay Gladstone, Jim and Elaine Martin, Larry and Greta Stallings, Nick and Patsy Michaels and Tee and Dale Taylor. What a way and group to kick it off with.  ...and for the Yankees to make the trip and Mickey and Dee to come in from Florida (Gladstones, Georgia doesn't count anymore.)... GREAT!!!  The pizza bust for the evening meal was some kinda good, actually had a little leftover, so I know all had their fill.
   Friday's golf was another great time on the links.  Bill Breedlove, Bob Murray, Larry Stallings, Chan Sanfilippo, Nick Michaels, Mark Hastings, Dennis Tocci, Virg Palumbo, Fred Moscatiello, Dwight and I teed it up and had a hell of a time.  I know that the fun was with the last two twosomes, Dennis, Virg, Dwight and me.  Who cares what we shot.  I sure hope Virg will let Dennis borrow his driver... more?  I think the home course advantage carried the day for low round(s), so you know the story there?  Even with a convoluted North/South teams scheme, the South won again?
   I am not sure where the nongolfers ended up... some took the nature ride, some to the beach and some hung out waiting for a car window replacement.  Whatever they did, they did it well.  I think I heard something about some strawberry daiquiris and Gladstone just prior to "attitude adjustment"?  I do know that the strawberries some of the ladies picked on Thursday morning (see pics at FC site) went away from there.
   From this point on, the pictures at ht tp:// will tell the story and fill in the first day...
   The Friday afternoon "attitude adjustment" and bar-be-que bust filled the bill to end a laid-back-but-full second day.  Take a look at the pictures to see who was there and what went on. I will note that it was great seeing Joe and Angela Will there for Friday as Joe has had some right serious health issues but it looks like he has them under control.  It was also great to have Mark "The Kid" and Kathy Hastings in from Charlotte, NC.  If memory serves, Mark is the first brother from the absolutely last pledge class that we have been able to contact and more importantly, come and join us. What a fine feast.  Plenty of most everything including some good ole IMPS community service and destruction of the "services" fishbowl with live, whoops, now dead fish.
   The story... a young couple trying to meet their 9:00 PM moving orders from one condo to another asked for help in the final push to finish the move.  Several of the brothers pitched in.  The almost very last thing was a fishbowl which upon being picked up by ?, broke... water and fish everywhere.  Mark can enlighten everyone with more detail if he chooses which, under the circumstances, I doubt he will... if he is wise?
   Saturday found us taking the annual pilgrimage to what is left of the old Frederick College campus.  What is there remains from last year.  The community college is now gone and it still looks like the driving school might still be there. Still some old buildings.  It is in the process of being sold, so this may well have been the last tour.  But then again, you never know what next year holds!  After the campus visit, Dwight Maxey again hosted us for lunch in downtown Portsmouth.  A great time and crowd.  And again, thank you Dwight, you were mighty kind to do that. The food was great.  Some of the group stayed around and took the ferry over to Waterside and/or took the harbor boat tour.   
   Saturday evening found us at Butch and Ruthie's Anchor Inn for dinner.  Full house and again, we closed the joint up.  Butch and Ruthie hosted us in true Southern Hospitality.  The food was great as always. A note... Butch and Ruthie may be selling the Anchor Inn, so this may have been the "last meal" there under their hospitality?  I know it has been a good run for them as I have visited their fine establishment at just about each of the several locations and it was packed for the fine food each time.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement!!!
   And the best treat of all is Elaine Martin's fine-but-good-enough-not-to-identify- names-faces-or-place cell phone video of the singing of the IMPS Hose Song at Butch and Ruthie's Anchor Inn.  Bill has it linked on the Frederick College Website IMPS page as a YouTube link.  Check it out. This is the coup and the "cat's meow"!  Great job, Bill!!
   We still have missing brothers, let's find them.  With the addition of Mark Hastings and Bob "Mickey" Starr, we are making some headway.
   To clear Jim's accounting, if anyone is in arrears, please settle up with him.  Basically, it works out to $15.00 per person per event for Friday and Saturday,  That doesn't include anything associated with golf or the lunch in Portsmouth, compliments of Dwight.
   My apologies to anyone I have overlooked.  Have a typical  IMPS summer... that is open to your interpretation!
See you next year!!!!  TEE


Pictures from the 4th Annual Imps Reunion.

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