IMPS Fraternity
Frederick College - Portsmouth, Virginia
2013 Brothers' Reunion
Virginia Beach, Virginia


IMPS 2013 Reunion Summary

We did it again!! The 7th annual IMPS reunion done!! Had a good time under the circumstances with the condos being under repair, Community Room not fully accessible, etc. ...And wind! Larry and Greta were the usual great host and hostess… THANK YOU both!!!!!!! Without you all and the condo access, it simply wouldn’t be! Would be nice if you could better control the wind though (don’t think anyone could believe it blew so hard constantly there at the condos up on that 4th floor level?

Jim and Elaine, Bob and Kay and Tee and Dale “checked in" early on Wednesday (May 1st) along with our brothers Fred and Chan from Jersey. It is great to have these “constant” brothers from afar year after year… this speaks volumes! Know Dennis was still dealing with “his Sandy” hurricane issues and Virg Palumbo was tied up. Dwight Maxey came over and shared the “Yankee” condo into Thursday. We all dined at Margie and Ray’s Seafood, Crab House & Raw Bar. Did the usual damage to the seafood, wine and beer. Great meal and camaraderie! And… Dwight, thank you, you know what I mean!!

Thursday, Fred, Chan, Dwight and I teed it up at Red Wing. Well they teed it up, I, just “upped” it! Left condos with wind blowing a gale, cool, almost cold, expecting the worse. Turned out to be a good golf day beyond the normal “any day on the golf course is better…”. You could for sure tell that Fred had played his usual eight weeks of golf on and off prior and even Chan had cheated and seems to have joined him some at Myrtle? Know for sure who the better golfers were, it won’t me. Now that I think of it, Dwight was on his game. What gives? Jim, Bob and the ladies ventured forth as they normally do, but with the wind, beach was out and touring was a bit of a bust. Strawberry picking was in order for the usual strawberry daiquiris each night in the condo at least. Mark and Peggy Hastings got in late Thursday and stayed in the Yankee condo in the “bridal suite” room.

Due to condo construction, nothing formal was planned for Thursday afternoon and evening but that never stops something from happening. Had the usual gathering in the Martin/Gladstone/Taylor condo. Imbibed a bit, swapped happenings, old and new, did the usual damage to those poor souls who weren’t there that normally are, were your ears burning?, and just enjoyed. Eddie and Sarah joined us earlier in the afternoon for a visit, couple of beers. Decided to dine out, stayed Italian and hit a good restaurant.

Friday saw the ladies and non-golfer guys getting out some in spite of wind. Know they had those “best laid plans…”. Our usual Red Wing golf gathering wasn’t an option… booked for bigger event. But Hell’s Point was. Larry, Capt. Bob Murray, Bill Breedlove, Fred, Chan, Bob Wahab, Mark, Nicky Michaels and I played. Turned into another very nice golf day. Know one thing with that course, if they made golf balls that hit for distance and floated, somebody would be rich! A little “breeze”, a snake here and there and plenty of fun. Sadly it was interrupted after nine as Bob Murray and Bill had to depart. Bob got word that his mother had worsened and needed to go to her, Bill drove him back over. To our brother and Capt. Bob, On behalf of the IMPS, I’d again like to express our condolences for the loss of your mother, you all are in our thoughts and prayers. Friday night saw us at Zest at Sandbridge next to the condos as Butch and Ruthie have retired from the business, Anchor Inn gone. Butch and Ruthie Forehand (you could see the “retired look of relief” on their faces), Jim and Elaine Martin, Larry and Greta Stallings, Eddie and Sarah Holmes, Bob and Kay Gladstone, Mark and Peggy Hastings, Jim and Karen Ward, Sid and Joanne Tilling, Bill Maddrey, Dale and Tee Taylor, Fred Moscatiello, and Chan Sanfilippo (hope I didn’t miss anybody)enjoyed a mighty fine dinner with plenty of “visitin'. A special thanks to Larry and Greta for the great hors d'oeuvres treat!

Saturday with a little wind was a nice laid back day as it turned out, Fred and Chan got out early as did Mark and Peggy a little later. Part of the group simply ventured out exploring, a little shopping, etc. Know I just kicked back as did most all until the abbreviated, intended bar-be-que bust. Since the “registered” turnout was lower than usual, the corresponding reasonable "order in" pricing was not there, we changed direction, got the word out (sorry about that Bill B., I messed you up) and ate at Smoked From Above. Food was great, but the variety and fellowship of having it at the condo Community Room with refreshment and fellowship, etc. went missing this year. Can’t let that happen next year.

Speaking of next year… we will have to make a change as to time of year. Our normal weekend before Mother’s Day (before seasonal rates kick in, temperature cooler, just a most convenient time) will have to give way, Larry and Greta cruisin'? An unscientific poll of those in attendance has us doing the 8th Annual IMPS Reunion in late September, early October at Sandbridge after summer season dies off and temperatures cool a bit. There is some discussion of having it elsewhere, maybe DC area, etc. All discussions lead back to reasonable costs, accessibility, etc., plus no coordinator for “out of Sandbridge area” has stepped forward. What say you all, give us some feedback? By changing to Fall, at Sandbridge, there are different events, seasonal flavors, etc., just a whole different thing for the good! That will put us 18 months out (now eight months out). Several suggested both Spring and Fall gatherings, general thoughts were too much?

One last thought… for those of you who actually live in the Tidewater area, even Virginia, what gives? Can’t even come by for a one evening visit?; the more formal planned dinner (over seven years and now Butch and Ruthie’s Anchor Inn is gone)?; missed the few brothers who have now passed? Several of those who come over were at FC for only a year or two at most and transferred, but they are IMPS and they come to see brothers and just enjoy "the moment"! Contrary to the Stones song… “Time ain’t on our side!”

Join us next time.

Need that feedback!


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