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Second Annual IMPS Reunion
May 2 - 5, 2008

Hos(t)ed by Larry and Greta Stallings


May 16th, 2008; Beaver Dam, Virginia...


Well, what can be said about the Second Annual IMPS Reunion this past week at Sandbridge… For an absolute certainty, we had a h___ of a time and the weather was great!!! Most importantly, it was fun. Brothers that weren't there last year were there this year and got involved. Some skipped us this time around. But remember April 30, May 1 - 3, 2009 and don't miss us the next time.  ...and walking the beach at the Atlantic's edge was something else.

This year, we doubled the condo group. There was again, resident host and hostess Larry and Greta Stallings, also last year's condo mates Bob and Kay Gladstone, Jim and Elaine Martin, and Tee and Dale Taylor. But this year, we were invaded again with Charlie Sanflippo and Dennis Toci who dragged a kicking-and-screaming Fred Moscatiello and Virgil Palumbo. The moons must have aligned both figuratively and literally to get those four there and in a single condo! And there was “saved Private” Bob Rutman as a house guest of Larry, who promptly managed to lose him within 30 minutes of his arrival at the condo (more later about this misadventure). Day guests at either one or the other dining's at Butch and Ruthie Forehand's Anchor Inn or at one of the small reception/pizza bust gatherings at the condo community room or the Frederick Campus tour (yes, the Campus is still there... for now.) included with the above, day trippers Dwight Maxey, Bill Maddrey, Eddie and Sara Holmes, Nicky and Patsy Michaels, Reid and Linda Bulman and guest Judy Naprstek.  Acquaintances were renewed, stories told and history shared.

As for the escapades, lies and all… Hose song leader Gladstone now has a co-song leader in Butch, who between those two in singing the song as the restaurant closed on Saturday night, practically drowned out the rest of us and caused all of the staff to come out and marvel. That was good!!

The North vs. South golf match at Red Wing, well that was another story. Team North (scorekeeper Moscatiello, Sanflippo, Toci and Mr. Waterhazzard Palumbo [who found water whether or not it was on the hole in play or not]) seemed to have beaten Team South (Stallings, Taylor and Rutman [of NY by way of Arizona] by one. It seems scorekeeper Moscatiello responded when told that the South had shot a 75 in the best ball format, well, “We shot a 74.” As the night evolved into a few beverages and Fred being the now Southernized gentleman he claimed, the truth was told that they had shot probably a high 70's score whatever that was! All we knew on the Team South was that they were two over and we were two under after six, so how in the h___ could they have done that, especially with our pro Larry and who we suspected until the score was clarified Yankee plant Rutman who had made 18 foot and 60 foot fringe birdie putts and their Mr. Waterhazzard doing his thing, could their score be accurate!

Now for the “Saved Private Rutman escapade… Seems Bob arrived from the airport and immediately checked into the Stallings mansion-condo. Well, here is Larry's version as copied directly but edited to use capital letters, etc….

“During the occasion of the IMPS 2008 reunion, attendees were regularly thrilled by the disappearances of young Private Bob Rutman.  Despite the close attention of his mentor and host, yours truly, Private Rutman managed to become lost scarcely 30 minutes after reporting into IMPS reunion headquarters, and remained AWOL throughout the evening.

The next day Private Rutman absented himself from his duty station, namely the golf cart he was supposed to ride during the first annual North/South golf match.

Saving his best for last, Private Rutman departed reunion headquarters at 0530 hours, Sunday 4 May 2008 , with instructions, baggage, and boarding pass in hand, under the strict supervision of his hosts, who set alarm clocks throughout the headquarters in order to insure safe and timely departure.

A post departure inspection by the hostess, Mrs. Greta Stallings, revealed that private Rutman had left behind (a) his copy of map quest instructions as to how to get to the Norfolk airport (b) boarding passes for his flights from Virginia to Arizona .

And I'm supposed to take grief for this?

Signed, Colonel Stallings, commander, Task Force Rutman”

I guess the best way to get to truth is to ask the question, “How can Larry (and I won't drag Greta into this) arrive at the restaurant and ask timidly, “Is Bob here with you all?” I mean the host left his home and didn't even have his beloved and bewildered guest who is not familiar with the area and obviously not his host either. And on top of that, as host at Red Wing, he drives off to rush to the 1st Tee and leaves teammate and cart buddy Rutman in the dust. I had to drive my/our teammate to his ride! What a host!! All is forgiven though.

Many thanks to Larry and Greta Stallings, Jim and Elaine Martin , Bob and Kay Gladstone and my wife Dale for their diligence in seeing this thing trough.

In getting some new brothers in attendance, we got some additional info in trying to track down missing brothers. Let's keep looking. Feel free to give me feedback, especially about doing this again next year. And let's be sure to visit the IMPS FC webpage as pictures will be appearing for this year's event as soon as Bill gets them and can post them. If you have pics, get them to Bill. If you have "IMPS” artifacts and want to share, get them to me or copies, etc. Eddie Holmes had some interesting pics and Dwight Maxey had some copies of several things.

Mark your calendars and let's plan for next year April 29-30, May 1-3, 2009. For those in the area, there is no excuse, be there for this. If you miss one of the events, there is a good chance you'll miss a brother who opted for the one event you opted out of.  Also, if there are any other things that need to be shared, simply reply to all [the webmaster] and let it rip.



2008 Imps Reunion Attendees

Left to Right, Hose Song Community Room Sandbridge:
Charlie Sanflippo, Dennis Toci, Bob Gladstone, Jim Martin,
Fred Moscatiello, Art Taylor, Dwight Maxey


2008 Reunion Attendees anticipating Pizza delivery

Left to Right:
Reid Bulman, Bill Maddrey, Charlie Sanflippo, Art Taylor,
Bob Gladstone, Dennis Toci, Larry Stallings, Fred Moscatiello,
Bob Rutman, Jim Martin, Nickie Michaels, Virgil Palumbo


Click HERE For a Pictorial History of this event

2008 Attendees with Wives at Anchor Inn

Left to Right, standing:
Bill Maddrey, Charlie Sanflippo, Butch Forehand, Bob Gladstone, Reid Bulman, Dennis Toci, Eddie Holmes, Larry Stallings,
Jim Martin, Art Taylor, Virgil Palumbo, Fred Moscatiello,
Bob Rutman
Dale Taylor, Elaine Martin, Kay Gladstone,
Judy Blankenship Naprstek, Greta Stallings,
Linda Mihelic Bulman, Sarah Killen Holmes

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