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Reunion May 5 - 8, 2011

   As most of you know, we lost Donnie Griffin on September 26, 2011 after the reunion . This came as a great surprise to many, especially those who were close to him. One of the greatest results of our five years of reunions was that Donnie benefitted greatly from them and us from him. He really turned a corner, as evidenced by his attendance at this last one, where, as many observed, he was getting back to Donnie. I sat there and laughed my butt off as he just skewered Butch for a while, stopping just short of telling him if he didn't need a ride home, "Butch who?" He was just plain hilarious! RIP Donnie, we will miss you, especially in all the future reunions!

. . .We opened for business Thursday afternoon with Butch Forehand and Donnie Griffin holding court as usual for others as they arrived for "attitude adjustment". Many of the usual Thursday gang wandered through with some of the entertainment, our Yankee brothers arriving about 4 - 5 o'clock. This year's tale was even better, seems the storm which blew water into Back Bay Wednesday/Thursday flooded and closed the main road in. The women who were already there it seems were out on the other side of the barricade as they were doing their thing as were the Yankees (only Fred and Dennis) who very timely arrived to closed roads. Traffic was re-routed through [Dam Neck] finally and, the first ones in were the Yankees... seems they found a "friend" who said they were with her and were allowed through! Hum? Security breech? Risk? And as usual, the pizza bust was quite a nice fete. We also had two other long distance travelers... Mark Hastings (again) and Skee Stansbury in this year.
    Friday's golf was the usual fine time with the same basic home course results? ...another great time on the links. Larry Stallings, Mark Hastings, Dennis Tocci, Fred Moscatiello, Dwight and I teed it up and had a hell of a time. I know the nongolfers found things to occupy their time including the strawberry patch. Friday evening's gathering with the usual beverages and fun lived up to expectations. A few new faces, more BS, etc. The more we do the bar-be-que and all, the better and more tasty it gets with more brothers showing. Don't think anyone went hungry.

    Saturday saw us make the pilgrimage to ole FC campus, what's left of it. It's basically the same, a little more trashy, etc. Still enough for those fond memories. Afterwards, Dwight treated many of us to his usual lunch at the eatery in downtown Portsmouth. We had our usual fine dining at Butch and Ruthie's Anchor Inn. As usual, the turnout was great, food and hospitality excellent, and we again, closed it up.

...Bill has done and continues doing his great job with the FC website: . What few pics there were are on it (Gang, we need to have more cameras in action. Familiarity is breeding apathy?) Great job Bill!!
   Let's find more of the lost brothers, can't believe Dan Roberts is still lost? I only find out about things when an email bounces. Tom Bailey, you moved, incomplete data, let me know.

    To clear Jim's accounting, if anyone is in arrears, please settle up with him.

    My apologies to anyone I have overlooked. Hard winter is on us and moving along (mild so far, but I expect we will get smacked?). May 3 - 6, 2012 is getting closer and will bring us relief. Everyone, please search within in light of our unexpected loses. Let's don't let these opportunities pass us by too much more often as time is NOT on our side.

    Same deal with email addresses, can only send to 50 at a time, not to worry!

    See you in May, I will send the usual as we get into April or so!!!!


Pictures of the 2011 Imps Reunion
by Jim and Elaine Martin
April 28 - May 1, 2011

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