IMPS Third Annual Reunion
April 30, 2009 - May 3, 2009
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hosted, again, by Larry and Greta Stallings
at their Sandbridge, Virginia Beach
Beachfront Condominums

Brothers All,

Sorry for the delay in getting out this summary of our 3rd Annual IMPS Reunion, been on the road and the pics have finally made to a central point, Bill's FC website. I am home and back in the game.

Needless to say and I don't know how else to say it… again, we had a hell of a GREAT time! What made it even more special this year was the addition and enthusiasm of the new brother attendees. And not as many lies either. Locals and those from afar are ready for next year and for you Yankees (Virgil, Fred and the absent Paul Toro) who can't see the dates or confuse them, next year's dates are tentatively...

April 29 – May 2, 2010

These are to plan by as there is some discussion of adding a day, etc. Of course, more later, and better yet, you tell us what suits. And before I forget it, many thanks to all who helped out and joined us.

Following is a summary of who was where on what day/event with these backed up for the most part by pics on the website (look for New then IMPS Reunions. Also, check out Griffin's pics to see if we have the names correct, we are missing one.):

Thursday Evening at “Condo Central”: Dwight Maxey, Bill Maddrey, Kay and Bob Gladstone, Dale and Tee Taylor, Greta and Larry Stallings, Elaine and Jim Martin, Charlie Sanflippo and Dennis Toci.

Thursday Evening WWII Fighter Pilots – Tee, Jim, Larry and Bob with bra fighter pilot headgear – guess who managed to get one brother's wife's old undie items and talk the three other idiot brothers into this madness… you got it, Gladstone.

Friday Morning Golf at Red Wing, no pics: Bob Murray, Nick Michaels, Larry Stallings, Bill Breedlove, Charlie Sanflippo, Dennis Toci, Dwight Maxey and Tee Taylor.  Larry took honors. Among the first foursome, there did seem to be some supposed long ball informal hitting competition going on? Where is that “pro” Rutman when you need him?

Friday Afternoon/Evening at “Condo Central”: Butch Forehand there but gone early, Sid Tilling, Charlie Sanflippo, Nick and Patsy Michaels, Jim and Elaine Martin, Bill Maddrey, Larry and Greta Stallings, Donne Griffin, Bob and Jackie Murray, Tee and Dale Taylor, Bob and Kay Gladstone, Dennis Toci, and John and Karen Ward. The local bar-be-que fixings were great and if you look closely at the pics, you'll see the great IMPS shirts that Butch got for those in attendance (Thanks again Butch!!!).

Saturday Morning FC Campus Pilgrimage: Dwight Maxey, Bob Gladstone, Jim Martin, Larry Stallings, Dennis Toci, Charlie Sanfillipo and Tee Taylor.  Elaine, Dale and Greta were there too. The campus, what's left is still there… so far. Those who haven't made it yet had better come as it might not be there by the time you decide you can make it.

Saturday Lunch at Renaissance Hotel compliments Dwight, various pics:  Dwight, Larry and Greta, Jim and Elaine, Dennis, Chan, Bob Gladstone, Gene Folliard, Tee and Dale. Thanks again Dwight!.

Saturday Dinner @ Butch's Anchor Inn various pics: Back row – Butch Forehand, John Ward, Bob Gladstone, Bob Murray, Bill Brockman, Bill Breedlove, Sid Tilling, Tee Taylor, Gene Folliard, Jim Martin, Chan Sanflippo, Dennis Toci, Elaine Martin, Bill Maddrey, Larry Stallings and Eddie Holmes. Seated – Karen Ward, Jackie Murray, Kathryn Breedlove, Joanne Tilling, Jane Folliard, Greta Stallings, Kay Gladstone, Dale Taylor and Sarah Holmes. As usual, a good rendition of the Hose song was in order.

As you can see, most everything revolves around “condo central” at the “Bridge”. At least one of this year's local brother attendee wants to try to find several other brother couples to share a condo with. I urge all to seriously consider next year's reunion and come on and stay with us at the condos. You can do as Jim and Elaine, Bob and Kay and Dale and I do… come in on Wednesday and enjoy a good ole long weekend. As a planning tool worst case scenario, figure about $1,000. for the condo for those days split three ways. Hell of a deal? And look what you get, all of it, Larry, Bob, Jim and I for sure plus wives! No excuses. I mean Charlie and Dennis drove down again this year from the Jersey/NY area. If they can do it three years in a row, you all can start a string of consecutive visits?

Final thoughts… and for sure, we thank Larry and Greta for graciously hosting this. Their getting the facilities and seeing to it that everyone has a contact and answers to questions means a lot. Without this, we couldn't do it for what and how we do it. Larry's golf coordination is great… show up, pay and play. Trouble is, his course, who took honors? This is also Nick's course too, don't know how Larry did it, must have had the pencil? And without Rutman this year, Larry caught a break! And regardless of who is in attendance, it's as if we as brothers have never been separated in many ways. Once you see old friends or meet new brothers you have never seen, the end result is that there is something so very common of a bond that we all seem to share. Dare to realize this, come and find out. Again, local brothers, no excuses, you are already there?

More later… And if I have missed someone who was there, let me know and we will get it right.


Pictures of the event at various venues taken by:

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