Ladies and Gentlemen:

Our first - of many more to come - IMPS Fraternity Reunion is now a great memory. It exceeded expectations. Those who were there for the full four days and three nights as well as those who found us on a day or two or for one of the two great meals at Brother Butch Forehand's Anchor Inn were: Mike and Carlene Buchko, Gene and Jane Folliard, Butch and Ruthie Forehand, Bob and Kay Gladstone, Jim and Patsy Harcum, Bill Maddrey, Jim and Elaine Martin, Dwight Maxey, Charlie Sanflippo, Larry and Greta Stallings, Tee/Art and Dale Taylor, Sid and Loanne Tilling, Dennis Toci, Joe and Angela Will, with special guests for dinner Saturday night, Carolyn Patterson Griffin and Judy Naprstek (Hope I didn't miss anyone!).

The gathering was one of the best things the IMPS has ever done or brothers have been a part of.  Guys who had not seen one another for 38 or more years (much less ever met) since careers began with education and now here in the twilight of our careers or retired, gathered and simply enjoyed!! In many cases it was as if time had stood still as it all came back and the antics and stories began.  “It don't get much better than that.”   Actually, it needed to have been more and sooner, but that is...  And to have come together, many as basically strangers and found all of that common ground so as to become somewhat of an extended family, well that speaks highly for what we joined many years ago and are still a part of, the IMPS Fraternity.  As usual, the Ladies there quickly found that ground.

Larry Stallings' accommodations were more than advertised except for the slight wind, actually a gale as the exit was made Sunday. He should have controlled that too! The condos are to be coveted for next year (Bob, Jim and I have already spoken for the same unit). You need to mark you calendars for the week before Mother's Day; I believe the consensus is April 30, May 1 – 4, 2008 . Note an extra day is being considered based on the good times. Sandbridge is the place and we need to be sure we stay with off season rates.

Things started Thursday afternoon in the Community Room with traditional IMPS beverages and snacks as people arrived and others just came on over. Were the stories told! Hearing some, I still wonder how some of the brothers got the jobs they held for all of these years! And some were teachers, agents (ours or theirs?), etc.?

There was golf with Larry, Charlie and Dennis on Friday. Based on the fun had (rolling around laughing on the greens) and the golfing ability or lack thereof as I understand it, I will play next year! The tram ride through Back Bay Wildlife refuge was “moisted” out (it being electrical and there was some misty rain). But hostess Greta saw us to the Virginia Beach Aquarium – mighty fine! Pizza and beer was the order for dinner that night, and, more lies.

Saturday saw the group with additional stragglers to what is left of good ole Freds. Sad, what's left of dorms Crocker, Moss and Marshall , the science building, the entire gym building that the football field backed up to, still there. Actually got in to stand on the original basketball court, all [the] nice theatre seats are long gone. The pilings to the pier are all that remains. Rest – gone! Next year, probably all gone? All enjoyed a light bar-be-que late lunch. That was good as there was a final night (again!) back at the Anchor Inn for more seafood. I must say there was some serious eating going on. And this while on campus… What Brother [other] than Bob Gladstone would get in a porta-john with about ten brothers around? You guessed it, he got rocked but not turned over!  Martin as usual was the first to notice his plight.

To really enjoy the fellowship and reunion spirit, we need more brothers from afar. Condos shared by husbands and wives, or three single brothers, etc. is the way to go. The rates with three splitting costs will beat the devil out of staying up at the Beach, plus Sandbridge is the place. We ain't getting younger. And don't worry about being housed with strangers! Dale and I survived Gladstone and Martin! That should alleviate any fears anyone should have! Seriously, we are IMPS and I have never had a better time in my life!!! If you find three of you who want to share, plan it now, but random is better. Let Larry Stallings know asap. As I said above, us three have told Larry, “Just tell us how much and when to send the money for next year!”

We'll be there!

Tee Taylor


2007 Imps Reunion Attendees

Left to Right:
Bill Maddrey,  Butch Forehand, Art Taylor, Jim Harcum, Jim Martin, Bob Gladstone, Sid Tilling, Larry Stallings, Joe Will, Charlie Sanflippo, Mike Buchko, Dennis Toci
Foreground, seated:
Judy Blankenship Naprstek


Each IMPS Reunion attendee and spouse was given a specially designed IMPS glass. Since more was better, half of the 144 ordered are available to all at $2.25 each plus shipping.   Based on the new postal increase, add $1.00 per glass for shipping.  (The postal service forgot to mention something about the increases!)  If actual shipping is substantially less, I'll refund.  They can be ordered from me, TEE/ART TAYLOR, 15548 Tyler Station Road, BeaverDam, VA 23015-1413,
Phone (804) 449-6702.


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