Some buildings are badly overgrown like the next two...

The "porch" on the North side of this building was collapsing and falling down.

...a definite hazard to navigation

This view is looking east from near the Nansemond River bank back
toward the old Science building and across where the women
had their Field Hockey Games. The Cafeteria (and Library,
I think) would have been on the right. The road to the left
went by some faculty residences and finally by the end of
our old classroom building.

Back of the old Science Building. This side faced north and toward the water.

This is the area of the old Women's dormitories. Amongst the trees in the
center is where our old Science Building is.

This is the north end of the building that housed the
  Gymnasium and Basketball Arena where the Lions
 whooped up on the ODC Monarchs (now ODU). Our
gym was at the other end of this building.

... a little editorializing here, bear with me...

    Special thanks for these photos to my fellow web master who works
on the Frederick Military Academy ( web page. 
Richard Abrams has been very helpful
to me in both advice on layout ideas
and submitting photos for these
pages.  If you have a chance or were an FMA
Graduate, give his page a
look (by the way, he's much better at this than I am!
His pages are
great work!).
    A few of the photos were taken today, August 30, 2000 in an effort to
identify what buildings still stand and how they are being utilized today
at the Tidewater Community College.  Those buildings we used so
many years ago, were old then and for the most part, have either been
torn down or gutted and are being used for other purposes: maintenance
sheds, supply warehouses, and so on.  They are also mostly hidden
from view.
    Honestly, the place wasn't built to be a beautiful campus; nor was
it put there to honor any historic event which might have occurred
near its shores.  It was established - for those who might not otherwise
be able to afford a better education - to be a facility for higher learning.

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